Sea Glass Green in Our Family Room

Before updating our map chest, we had mostly gray pillows, throws, and accents in our sitting room. Meanwhile, we had some sea glass green pillows, throws, & accents in our family room. After updating the map chest though, I started playing around, and liked the look of adding more green in the sitting room, so I borrowed a couple of pillows & the throw from our family room.

So, we are currently changing some things up in our family room & adding some navy (most of which we already owned), which seems to already be “grounding” that larger room much better. In the meantime, though, I had taken pictures of our family room, so I thought I’d share those today and then I’ll share the navy additions in a later post.

I love layering rugs. I tried it on a whim one day, and now I can’t imagine it any other way in here. I love the texture that the jute/wool rug on bottom adds and I love the color and detail that the wool rug on top provides.






And here’s our hat wall, which is just inside the family room as you come off of the entryway.


We actually moved the green wool rug (the top rug in the pictures above) into our entryway, and brought the navy & cream striped rug from the entryway into the family room.  Technically, the sitting room is the first room off of the entryway, and so having the sea glass green in the entryway & sitting room seems to have improved the flow of our home quite a bit. It’s funny the difference that small tweaks can make, isn’t it?

Have a wonderful day!

Our Sitting Room

Hello! As promised, here are additional pictures of our sitting room. I still haven’t replaced my wide angle lens (let’s call it a sad combination of procrastination and indecisiveness), so this is more like the highlight reel! :) This is definitely the most hard-working room in our house . . . can’t say that it’s the prettiest . . . but it is where we spend a crazy amount of time, and it is very cozy & comfortable. Plus, it’s close to the kitchen so I don’t have to walk far for my chocolate fix after the girls go to bed.  Ahem, where was I?



As I mentioned yesterday, this room also acts as the girls’ downstairs playroom These built-ins house a lot of their toys, books, games, and puzzles.




You might remember this gorgeous painting of the girls, which was a wonderful surprise by a dear friend’s mom. We used to have it in our master bedroom, but we moved it into this room so the girls can enjoy it just as much.


The coffee bar is just to the right of this little area, and to the left of the couch.



Most of the girls’ toys are kept inside cupboards and closets, and pulled out as necessary. This cuts down on clutter & helps keep the toys feeling fresh.



This dollhouse was a gift from Mimi two Christmases ago. It’s so cute that I want to live in it! Each furniture set has been a gift for a different occasion.  It’s been a fun gift for her to build on and the girls absolutely love it! This is definitely one toy that I don’t mind leaving out!





We also have our piano in the back corner of this room.




And there you have it – our comfortable sitting room! Have a wonderful weekend!

Updated Map Chest

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and weekend!

Over the weekend, we painted and updated the hardware on two pieces of furniture.  I love how both of them turned out & I can’t wait to share them with you. For now, here’s a quick look at the map chest that we updated.

This is the view from our main hallway looking into the sitting room off of the kitchen.  The gray chest is the piece that we updated!

Map chest

Have a lovely day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello! I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day












*Happy Valentine’s Day placemats, which I adore, are by Dear Lillie.

*Love letters were made by the girls’ wonderful Mimi and sent as an early surprise!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Our Christmas Tree at Night

Hello! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! It is a beautiful day here – sunny & 70′s – it’s amazing! We had breakfast on our screened porch while the girls chased a bunny in the yard (it was much faster than them!).  Pretty awesome considering it’s December 21st!

Here is our Christmas tree all lit up at night!

X-mas tree

x-mas tree2

x-mas tree3

x-mas tree 4

x-mas tree5

x-mas tree6

I love the reflection in the mirror & all of the windows.

x-mas tree7 x-mas tree8 Here is the view from our family room:

x-mas tree9

Have a wonderful evening!

Our Christmas Tree

Hello & Happy Friday! We are rounding the corner and are on the home stretch toward Christmas – yay!

Today, I thought I’d share some pictures of our Christmas tree during the day, and then I’ll be back soon with pictures of it all lit up at night! This is our third Christmas in this house (quite hard to believe) and we have had the tree in a different spot each year. Last year, it was on the screened porch, which was a gorgeous place for it, but I can’t say we enjoyed it quite as much out there.  It did work well out there last year though because Carolina Girl was around 18 months old and into everything. That year, we kept it very simple using burlap, the same gold star, and real pine cones.

This year, it was safe for us to enjoy it inside and so we decided to tuck it in this back corner of our dining room. You can see it when you walk in through our front door, and while sitting in both the dining room & family room.  It’s a Douglas Fir, which is so fragrant.  I used the bottom clippings in little spots throughout the house and the entire house smells like Christmas!

Christmas Dining Room

We used the burlap, gold star, real pine cones, and added some shatter-proof ornaments that I picked up at Target. I’m not sure whether those are more for the girls or us! I had some glass ornaments in a bowl on our kitchen table, and Kevin and I each broke one and the girls didn’t break any! They are such a pain to clean up too, so I’ve already put those away for this year – haha!


As for the rest of our dining room, I didn’t change things up too much from when I shared our Thanksgiving table. I just added a few votives & some initial ornaments to the place settings & called it a day. Simple was the name of the game this year!

Christmas Dining Room2

Christmas Dining Room3

Christmas Dining Room4

Christmas Dining Room5

And here’s a quick picture that my friend took of us in front of our tree!

Christmas Dining Room Family

I’ll be back soon with pictures of our dining room at night, which is my favorite time to enjoy our tree!

Layers, Texture, & A Holiday Sign

This year, we kept our holiday decorating very simple. It is all about layers, different textures, and a few bold holiday statements – namely a couple of signs, fresh wreaths, and a large Douglas Fir tree.

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Decorating

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Decorating

To make our family room even more cozy for the Winter, we layered blankets on our couch and chairs, rugs on top of one another, and we placed fresh greenery just about any place we could think of.

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Decorating

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Decorating

We used this holiday chalkboard print from Dear Lillie to make a big statement in our family room.  Not only does it make a big statement in our family room, but this is also the angle from the dining room, so it can be enjoyed while sitting in there as well.

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Decorating

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Decorating

We layered books on top of our picnic basket, which is on top of a leather ottoman.

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Decorating

Fresh greenery from our yard placed inside a red quilted stocking hangs from our media cabinet.

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Decorating

Some days, we layer up the couch even more by adding houndstooth fabric to the cushions. It adds an extra layer of coziness, and it also helps keep our white couches looking better during the Winter months, when we spend lots of time indoors & in this room in particular.

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Decorating

I’m actually sitting on this couch as I type this post up! It’s one of my favorite spots in our house, especially this time of year.  I am looking into our dining room with a perfect view of our Christmas tree as the rain comes pouring down. I love soaking up the smell of our fresh tree and the quietness of our house in the evening.

Our Holiday Table

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We have had an interesting late Fall/early Winter with the girls being sick quite a bit. We are finally on the upswing around here though, thank goodness! I’m hoping things stay pretty normal . . . and if they do, I plan to share our holiday decorating & the family sessions that I did this Fall.

Today, I thought I’d share with you our Thanksgiving table!

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Table

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Table


Cottage Inspiration Holiday Table

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Table

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Table

Cottage Inspiraiton Holiday Table

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Table

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Table And here are my two little turkeys sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner!

Cottage Inspiration Holiday Table

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to the tree farm and found our Christmas tree! We ended up putting it in our dining room, which is one of the last places that I would have thought we would put it.  We tried a couple of places though, and we liked how it looked in the dining room the best.  I’ll share some pictures of it soon! I’ll also share some pictures of our family room and more about the “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” print from my friend Jenni’s shop!

Happy October!

Happy October!

October has to be THE best month, don’t you think?!

The two things that we love most about this time of year are Ohio State football and pumpkins!

OSU Football Schedule on Chalkboard

OSU Football Schedule on Chalkboard

Our love of all things pumpkin is slightly over-the-top.  As in, on the first official day of Fall, I commented on how we had eaten a lot of pumpkin things that day, and then counted them up, and it was four to be exact.  Pumpkin muffins for breakfast (have you had Trader Joe’s?! Mmmm), homemade pumpkin ice cream at the pumpkin batch, pumpkin butter on our bread for dinner (from the pumpkin patch, and it was crazy good), and homemade pumpkin cookies for dessert.  I’m one-half embarrassed that I’m admitting that, and one-half proud.


Our Porch

Well, you’ve seen a peek, but today I am excited to share the rest of our screen porch with you!
Here’s what we started with:


And here is how it looks now:

Cottage Inspiration Porch
The first thing we did was wash everything down with soap & water, including all of the furniture.  Next, we painted the white wicker furniture with this indoor/outdoor paint:


Here’s a quick before & after shot – paint works wonders, doesn’t it?!

Paint BA

Next, we picked out fabric, and ordered replacement cushions from this wonderful shop.

We removed the ferns and herbs from the porch.  While part of me liked having them out there, they looked pretty messy . . . and they actually were messy! We had fern leaves everywhere.  So, we relocated the ferns out in front of our garage door, and moved the herbs inside where they did much better.

We also moved the black adirondack chairs to the deck, and brought in our table and chairs. My mom suggested we move the table  in here, but I wasn’t so sure at first.  The porch is off of our dining room and kitchen (there are doors that lead out there in both rooms) and we have a table in both rooms.  I really thought it would look weird to have three dining areas all within sight. So, I debated and debated, and brainstormed how I could make the best use of the porch, and in the end, the table won. While I don’t think the layout is perfect (I don’t love having three tables so close to each other), we have really enjoyed having a table out there! It’s the girls’ favorite place to color and craft now, and we usually eat dessert out there too. Plus, it has helped give this large space two distinct areas – a dining area and a comfortable seating area.

Cottage Inspiration Porch

Cottage Inspiration Porch

Cottage Inspiration Porch

Cottage Inspiration Porch

Cottage Inspiration Porch The picture that I had hanging in the space above the couch no longer fit – it was too large once we moved the couch over. So, I looked around the house for something to use, and I had one of these awning stripe frames that I had made awhile ago.  The stripes were cream & white, and I quickly painted over the cream stripes with some leftover Annie Sloan Paris Gray chalk paint. I just tried it on a whim and I ended up really liking how it balanced out the stripes on the cushions across the way.

Cottage Inspiration Porch I made the throw pillows on the couch using this fabric.

My mom brought down the outdoor lamp below – it was used in my screen porch growing up! I had the stool that it is sitting on out in our garage.  It was white with an oak top, so I painted it with some AS Paris Gray, and it works perfectly as a little side table.

Cottage Inspiration Porch

We have four of these little glass hurricanes around the perimeter of the porch.

Cottage Inspiration Porch

Here’s a close-up of the water that is on the table.  I love the drink tag, which was a part of a set from my friend, Christina! Some other tags included were “coffee” “decaf,” and “tea,” which all look adorable at our coffee bar.

Cottage Inspiration Porch The best part about this entire project – as is the case with all of our house projects – is that we created a space where we love to spend time together as a family!

We have a new favorite dessert spot!

Cottage Inspiration Porch

Cottage Inspiration Porch

Cottage Inspiration Porch And a favorite reading spot!

One thing that I love doing every morning is strategically placing a few books on each of the girl’s beds after I make them. It never fails that they see them at some point during the day and flip through them on their own or ask me to read with them. We have some designated reading times too, but laying books out on their bed has helped to subtly encourage pockets of quiet reading time throughout the day.  I like to place some books out on the porch now too.

Cottage Inspiration Porch

Cottage Inspiration Porch

Cottage Inspiration Porch

I hope you are having a wonderful week!