Outdoor Dining

Nothing says Summertime like outdoor dining!

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This is by far and away our favorite place to enjoy our Summer meals. I hope you are having a wonderful week filled with some Summertime favorites!

You may click here to see the rest of our back porch!

Where You Can Find Me This Summer

Hi friends! Summertime is officially here, and we are loving it!

Today I am sharing pictures of our screened porch, which is hands down our favorite place to be when we’re home.  It’s where we enjoy our morning coffee, dream about and plan for our new house, enjoy casual dinners, and watch the girls running around in the yard.






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Blogporch10_edited-1 Blogporch10_edited-1 Blogporch10_edited-1






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I’ll share more pictures of our dining area on the porch in my next post!

You may click here to see how this porch started off and to see how we cleaned and updated the furniture, and click here to see how we started pulling the porch together last year.

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Have a great day!

The Girls’ Reading Spot

Hello! Today, I’m sharing where the girls love to read & play teacher. Even though their current room is perfectly square and doesn’t have any nooks, we wanted to create a little spot (aside from their beds)  where they could relax & read. We added their little chair and used some inexpensive Ikea Ribba picture ledges to create a reading area.

Nook The shelves needed a little something extra, so I adhered glittery gold ribbon with a small dollop of hot glue to each end – that way the ribbon can easily be removed should we decided to have them all white again or add a different color down the road.


Flowers1 I’m a big fan of the softness the chair & rug add.

Flowers2 Carolina Girl helped me sew the chevron pillow.  This girl is my little sidekick and loves learning how to cook, bake, sew, etc. It takes extra patience on my end, no doubt, but the confidence she gains while trying & learning something new makes it 100% worth it. She has actually asked me to sew this week, and so she & I made a few pillows for our porch. Thank goodness I finally have someone to motivate me to do projects!

Nook4 One of the spaces that I’m most excited about in the home we are building is the girls’ reading nook in their bedroom, which will have a window seat & built-in bookshelves.  I’m planning to add a playful pattern on the window seat cushion with an array of bright pink & gold throw pillows. Cozy & cute is the plan for their new nook!

And in case you missed the other details of their room, click here for their pink & gold dresser, here for their polka dotted wall, and here to see where they hang their dresses.

We plan to use most of the pink & gold accessories in their new room as well.  We are also planning to add antique brass lighting & bathroom fixtures for a pretty, feminine touch. Can’t wait to pull together their new room!

Bunting, Cute Initial Hooks, & Dresses


Hi y’all! Okay, if you missed yesterday’s post – all about the girls’ gold polka dotted wall – head here to check that out, and then come back.  We wanted to put something fun above E’s bed as well, but we knew we wanted to keep it pretty simple. I was excited to come across a sparkly gold fabric bunting on clearance at Land of Nod. It was left over from their holiday collection, and was the perfect length for that wall, so we started with that.

Next up, I knew I wanted to add a fun little spot for the girls to hang pretty dresses or dress up clothes. We have some white initial hooks from Anthropologie that we use in the mudroom from which we hang the girls’ school bags.  I thought that perhaps I could spray paint those gold, so I checked out their website and came across these gold & silver ones – they were perfect! And I was so excited when I saw that they carried an ampersand.


Dresses3 Originally, the dresses were hanging from plain ole wooden hangers.  But, admittedly, those hangers were getting shown up by the super glam initial hooks, and that pretty little pink & gold lady across the room. So, I grabbed some of that same gold glitter paper that I used to make the framed gold heart, traced the hangers, and attached the paper with tape.  This project literally took me 5 minutes, and made a pretty big impact.



Dresses5 Next week, I’ll share the final little fun spot in their room – their reading spot! Oh how I love it so . . . because they spend lots of time there reading & playing teacher.

But, in the meantime, I plan to stop by at some point this weekend with some fun pictures of the girls! Be back soon!

Gold Polka Dots!


Moving along to the next wall in the girls’ room – we added gold polka dots! Although wallpaper would have been my preference – because we are renting – that wasn’t a possibility. I remembered seeing a few images online of vinyl decals.  While they looked good in pictures, I wasn’t convinced they would look nearly as good in person. But, I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised by how much I love these polka dots that we found online at Urban Walls. Even up close, they look painted on. And the best part is, we can easily remove them when we move!


Kevin is measurer extraordinaire, so he took the lead and the girls & I just helped out when necessary.

As you can see, the beds are in an L-shape. We played around with a couple of different options, but Carolina Girl decided she like this option the best, mostly because she can look out into the hallway from her bed, and still be as close as possible to E. 🙂 This arrangement also saved me from purchasing two headboards for now. And it’s been really nice at reading time because we can all just snuggle up in the corner together.


The gold polka dotted sheets are from PB Teen. I found the gold accent table at Home Goods. And I think one of my favorite little finds is that gold polka dotted box with a pink lid that I came across in the gift wrap section at Target.

Polka Dots

The two picture frames were already hanging there, so I just swapped out two of Carolina Girl’s baby pictures.  I knew I wanted the picture of the girls hugging in their room, but I couldn’t decide on a second picture, and I really didn’t want two pictures to compete.  So, I cut out a large heart from gold glitter card stock found at Michaels and stuck in to a piece of pink construction paper from the girls’ stash and called it good.

The little pink & white stripped shoes are from Joyfolie.


I think that covers it! I’ll be back next with the wall with E’s bed.

Pink & Gold Dresser

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was great.  The girls’ Auntie Kristin was in town for the long weekend & we had so much fun!

Today I’m sharing the girls’ dresser that we updated for their new shared room. Because we have a move on the horizon, it will probably come as no surprise that we used as many things that we already owned to pull this room together.  We kept the walls the same color – BM Lily White – which is actually a pale blue. We also kept Carolina Girl’s pink chevron blackout curtains from PB Kids. The dresser has been in my family for many decades. It was in the same location before, but it was a distressed white with it’s original chunky hardware. I dug up an old before picture & posted it below. It was looking a little boring considering it was flanked by two spunky pink chevron curtains that better suited our spunky little girls, so we thought the change in room situation was a good enough excuse to give it a little update.

 We gave the top, bottom, & sides a new coat of fresh white paint, and we painted the drawers BM Coral Pink. Then we replaced the old chunky handles with some more feminine antique brass pulls found at Lowe’s. I like the dresser so much better now! This is the wall you see when you walk through their door, and it just makes me happy.



As you might recall, one of their requests was that we add “sparkles” to their room.  I had remembered coming across the sign on their dresser on Pinterest. It’s a downloadable print by Blush Design Boutique. It was one of the first things we added to the room, and it really helped set the tone.

We had the lamp base, and I found the gold butterfly lamp shade on clearance at Target.  The girls are 5 & 2 – they think butterflies are the coolest things ever.  Who knew a lamp shade could score me mom points, but it did.


The sunburst mirror is a Home Goods find. The shoes were E’s holiday shoes from Joyfolie.


 Here’s the old before picture:


 And here she is in all her pink glory today!


Fun, right? My motto is usually you can’t go wrong with white, but I think in this case, you could. And we did. So glad we gave this girl the personality she’s been deserving!

Sparkles, Glitter, & Gold!

The girls are now sharing a room, and . . . Carolina girl is finally sleeping through the night!

Our littlest lady was never a good sleeper, which was quite a contrast from our by-the-book first born.  It was a combination of things ranging from allergies, to chronic ear infections, to personality.  😉 We were all running on empty from 2 1/2 years of interrupted sleep.  Finally, this past February, things fell into place.  First, she ended up needing tubes, which helped our sweet girl immensely.  She also had allergy testing done, which helped us identify changes that needed to be made to keep her as healthy as possible.  Cue: crushed dreams of the girls getting another cat.  And finally, we slowly introduced the idea of the girls sharing a room.

Keep in mind that while the thought had crossed our minds many times before and while we always hoped they would share a room one day, we were extremely reluctant to put them in the same room just yet because E had wonderful sleep habits, and we feared that would change. But, we slowly and casually talked about it with the girls for several weeks (months even), and they decided to give it a try. Meanwhile, Kevin read an article written by a psychiatrist about how giving kids the freedom to decorate their room may make them feel more at ease & safe at night.  You know you’ve hit rock bottom when your husband is reading pediatric sleep articles in his spare time.  Ha!

But, seriously, we had nothing to lose – things couldn’t get any worse – and that was just about the only thing we hadn’t yet tried.  So, we literally cleared out everything from Carolina Girl’s room and started from scratch. When we asked them what they wanted in their “new” room, E exclaimed “sparkles!” Then Carolina Girl added glitter, and E said “and gold!”

And so, behold: a glimpse of the girls’ shared bedroom – fit for two queens – with sparkles, glitter, & gold.



Blog3 Polka Dots


Here’s my little snuggle bug sleeping in her new room. Approximately 85% of all my iphone pictures are sleeping baby pictures.  I think I’m just still in awe of the fact that she’s actually sleeping. She had just turned her head, so her little cheek is rosier than usual.



I have a bunch more pictures, so I’ll share those over the next several posts as well as a rundown on where we found things.  I’ll also be sharing how we plan to use the accessories we pulled together for now in their bedroom at our new house.  I’m so excited the girls are loving sharing a room.  It’s also nice to have a vision & plan already for their new room.

Have a great Monday!

Sea Glass Green in Our Family Room

Before updating our map chest, we had mostly gray pillows, throws, and accents in our sitting room. Meanwhile, we had some sea glass green pillows, throws, & accents in our family room. After updating the map chest though, I started playing around, and liked the look of adding more green in the sitting room, so I borrowed a couple of pillows & the throw from our family room.

So, we are currently changing some things up in our family room & adding some navy (most of which we already owned), which seems to already be “grounding” that larger room much better. In the meantime, though, I had taken pictures of our family room, so I thought I’d share those today and then I’ll share the navy additions in a later post.

I love layering rugs. I tried it on a whim one day, and now I can’t imagine it any other way in here. I love the texture that the jute/wool rug on bottom adds and I love the color and detail that the wool rug on top provides.






And here’s our hat wall, which is just inside the family room as you come off of the entryway.


We actually moved the green wool rug (the top rug in the pictures above) into our entryway, and brought the navy & cream striped rug from the entryway into the family room.  Technically, the sitting room is the first room off of the entryway, and so having the sea glass green in the entryway & sitting room seems to have improved the flow of our home quite a bit. It’s funny the difference that small tweaks can make, isn’t it?

Have a wonderful day!

Our Sitting Room

Hello! As promised, here are additional pictures of our sitting room. I still haven’t replaced my wide angle lens (let’s call it a sad combination of procrastination and indecisiveness), so this is more like the highlight reel! 🙂 This is definitely the most hard-working room in our house . . . can’t say that it’s the prettiest . . . but it is where we spend a crazy amount of time, and it is very cozy & comfortable. Plus, it’s close to the kitchen so I don’t have to walk far for my chocolate fix after the girls go to bed.  Ahem, where was I?



As I mentioned yesterday, this room also acts as the girls’ downstairs playroom These built-ins house a lot of their toys, books, games, and puzzles.




You might remember this gorgeous painting of the girls, which was a wonderful surprise by a dear friend’s mom. We used to have it in our master bedroom, but we moved it into this room so the girls can enjoy it just as much.


The coffee bar is just to the right of this little area, and to the left of the couch.



Most of the girls’ toys are kept inside cupboards and closets, and pulled out as necessary. This cuts down on clutter & helps keep the toys feeling fresh.



This dollhouse was a gift from Mimi two Christmases ago. It’s so cute that I want to live in it! Each furniture set has been a gift for a different occasion.  It’s been a fun gift for her to build on and the girls absolutely love it! This is definitely one toy that I don’t mind leaving out!





We also have our piano in the back corner of this room.




And there you have it – our comfortable sitting room! Have a wonderful weekend!

Updated Map Chest

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and weekend!

Over the weekend, we painted and updated the hardware on two pieces of furniture.  I love how both of them turned out & I can’t wait to share them with you. For now, here’s a quick look at the map chest that we updated.

This is the view from our main hallway looking into the sitting room off of the kitchen.  The gray chest is the piece that we updated!

Map chest

Have a lovely day!